A Powerful Conversation With Sultan Akif

Throughout any given year, people often reflect on what things would look like if they were to take the plunge and pivot into a completely different life.  For some it would mean leaving a relatively ok relationship and moving to a new country to start again.  For others, it’s going all in and starting a family.  Sultan Akif is one of those people who faced that big decision in life while travelling to a developing country.  He had the corporate job that many people would dream of.  He was making the six figure salary.  He had a family and thus people who depended on him to be responsible and put food on the table.  Knowing all of this and more, he decided to change his life in a dramatic way by taking the risk of leaving corporate life and dedicating himself to building libraries around the world.  In this podcast I ask him just what the hell he was thinking and how he feels about his decision today.  By listening to this interview, it is impossible to not challenge your own ideas of what the future should hold and I suspect you will be inspired to make your own radical change.

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