Two books that will change your life.

You Should Have Asked

The Art of Powerful Conversation


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After speaking with you, do people feel interesting, important and appreciated? Do you make them feel exciting, intriguing and thought provoking? Do people respect, admire, value and like you? Reading this book will ensure they do.

Since the history of time, a person’s ability to connect with others has been the number one factor to getting the dream job, landing the loving relationship and attracting adventure. The more powerful your conversations, the more powerful your life. People are constantly influencing your destiny and the more powerful your conversations are with them, the more powerful your life will be.

The Madness of My Mind

Building a Road Less Travelled


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Would you believe a story about having to give a stool sample could inspire you to worry less?  Have you ever wondered how many people would show up at your funeral?  Do you know what it’s like to want to punch someone in the face?  Join Stuart Knight on a personal ten-year journey as he shares insights, failures and epiphanies with thousands of strangers from around the world with his weekly blog entitled The Madness of My Mind.  Get ready to devour pure honesty as he shares real life stories that will make you squirm, gasp and roll out of your seat with laughter. Above everything, this book will make you want to become a better person.

Author of 2 critically acclaimed books.