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It’s Ok To Feel Like Crap!

If you haven’t had a few moments where you have felt depressed during this pandemic, I would be concerned for you.  That might seem like an oxymoron, but I can assure you it’s not.  Sure, there are some people that have reached such a high level of enlightenment that depression is not something that seeps… Read more »

This Is How Great Leaders Check In With People

The pandemic has been a rollercoaster ride for every single person you know both professionally and personally. Many still feel like they are drowning and you could be their lifeline simply by checking in. It’s easy to do and when you do it right those around you benefit tremendously. Leadership isn’t about having the right… Read more »

The More More – A Life Changing Event And More!

 Many people think the pandemic drained them of their happiness. While this is certainly true, well before anyone heard the words Covid-19, happiness was only something that swooped in and out of most people’s lives, rather than being a constant companion. What the hell is wrong with us? Why is ongoing daily feelings of… Read more »