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A Powerful Conversation With Sultan Akif

Throughout any given year, people often reflect on what things would look like if they were to take the plunge and pivot into a completely different life.  For some it would mean leaving a relatively ok relationship and moving to a new country to start again.  For others, it’s going all in and starting a… Read more »


I’ve been trying to lose weight for a couple of years and have had pretty good success.  Ironically when you “look” thin, people are surprised to learn that you are trying to lose weight, but keep in mind that losing weight is relative to the person.  For some people, losing weight means shedding 100 pounds,… Read more »

Sarah Haider Gets Real On Religion!

I recently sat down for a conversation with one of my new favourite people on the planet, Sarah Haider.  Sarah is someone who was once devoutly religious and after many years of exploration decided believing in a god wasn’t for her.  In fact, she noticed that the belief in one god has brought great pain… Read more »

A Powerful Conversation with Mark Sakamoto

I love meeting people who never identified as just one thing.  Mark Sakamoto is definitely one of those people.  He started out as a lawyer and soon after began working in the music industry.  From there he went on to become a political advisor.  In between he decided to write a book that ended up… Read more »