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Adding to the polarization is far more destructive than searching your wisdom and soul to find new ways to be unifying is a far higher path than speaking your truth without searching your soul on how to be unifying about it. Far easier to speak your truth and add to polarization than to evolve to higher ground. I’m disappointed in your video.. usually a huge fan. And by the way.. we can dislike the person and separate it from accomplishments. This country’s economy is on fire and look at the numbers before you jump into the “it’s not true” half of the country..again, adding to the polarization which is our much higher calling. Pull up your game, you can do it. Don’t “be right” and take a side.. be unifying as that is the higher and greater good. We will have another election, we all get to choose again.. for now, the country made this choice. It is everyone’s greater good to find a way.. search deep to find a way to unify. And vote someone else in next time.

Stuart Knight Productions

Thanks for your thoughts. A couple of things to consider. I’m actually not American, but rather Canadian, so this isn’t a case about my party not winning the election. Secondly, if you follow me on social media you will see that I’m just as critical of democrats and liberals as I am of conservatives and republicans. It’s not a political thing for me, but rather a human thing. As for the economy? Well, if you do a deeper dive and study how economics work you will discover that your economy is doing well because of the decisions made by the Obama administration. I’d be saying the same thing if a democrat was bragging about a strong economy 2 years into their presidency after taking over from a republican. Everyone know that an economy doesn’t respond the day after a decision is made. It take months and more often years to feel the effect. Simply math will tell you that the effects you’re feeling in your economy have to be from the Barrack Obama admin. It doesn’t work as quickly as politicians will make you believe.