What is it.

The Keynotables are five powerhouse people coming together to deliver a 60-minute online presentation that will propel your audience forward helping them reach new levels of success. Thought provoking insights, hilarious stories, and jaw dropping perspectives are woven together into five high impact mini keynotes to create an unforgettable learning experience that will last a lifetime!


Alan Cross

It feels like the end of the world – until it isn’t.

Alan Cross is an internationally known broadcaster, author, consultant, blogger and speaker. He is best known for being the host of the critically acclaimed show The Ongoing History of New Music.

Julie Daniluk

What To Bring To The Zombie Apocalypse!

Best selling author, Julie Daniluk hosts Healthy Gourmet, a reality cooking show, now shown in over 78 countries. She has also appeared on television and radio shows, including The Dr. Oz Show, and is a resident nutrition expert for The Marilyn Denis Show.

Ali Hassan

How to thrive through comedy and connection.

Ali Hassan is an international award-winning comedian, CBC personality and TV and Hollywood actor.

Paul Nadeau

Whatever you tell yourself, you’re right!

A highly decorated former police detective, hostage negotiator & International Peace Keeper Paul Nadeau is now a celebrated author, actor and keynote speaker.

Joy McCarthy

Make It Happen Already!

Joy McCarthy is a bestselling author and has been featured on CNN, CBC and is a regular health expert on television including Cityline and CTV’s Your Morning.

Sunjay Nath

Strength Based Leadership: The 10-80-10 Principle

Critically acclaimed author, entrepreneur and award winning speaker having presented to over one million people around the world!

Tonia Jahshan

Mental Health: You’ve Got This!

Tonia Jahshan is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Dragon’s Den history after starting the company Steeped Tea in her basement and growing it to a multi-million dollar profit 500 company.

Jesse Hirsh

How To Rock The Future You Didn’t Expect!

As a futurist, researcher, artist and internationally sought out speaker, Jesse Hirsh is one of Canada’s leading thinkers on technology and the role it plays in our success.

Ian Tyson

Silver Lining Prospecting!

Critically acclaimed author, Ian Tyson is one of North America’s top inspirational speakers teaching optimism, resilience and  kindness to thousands of people each year.

Joze Piranian

Everyone Stutters. I Just Do It When I Speak.

Growing up with a debilitating stutter, Joze now presents in three different languages as an international speaker, stand-up comedian and is an online sensation with over 3 million video views!

How are speakers chosen?

At this point you could easily read the impressive bios of The Keynotables, and be ready to book! However, if you want to get a sense of the rigorous hoops our speakers have to jump through to get in front of your audience…

How does it work?

With much of the world using online video platforms for their own conferencing needs, The Keynotables taps into technology that people are already comfortable using. When the date and time of your Keynotable experience is set, we simply send you the pertinent login details to share with those who will be tuning in for their high dose of inspiration.

At the beginning of the meeting, your guests will receive an energetic welcome from their event host, and after a few laughs, along with some house-keeping notes, their first speaker will be introduced. At the end of each talk the host will highlight key messages to remember and will quickly move on to introducing the next Keynotable speaker. Before you know it, an hour has flown by and your audience is left feeling invigorated, motivated and more focussed on reaching future goals.

The Three Bonuses!

The Powerfull

After your audience has learned the lessons and been moved by the speakers, it’s now time for them to learn from each other! The founder of The Keynotables, Stuart Knight, is the author of the critically acclaimed book, You Should Have Asked – The Art of Powerful Conversation and has traveled the world teaching people how to communicate with others in a way that is meaningful, thought provoking and, quite frankly, cuts through the crap.  He has designed customized online exercises where your audience can use powerful conversation techniques as a tool to reinforce the lessons learned, share best practices and help each other create a plan of action to start getting results immediately.


You are investing a lot of time and financial resources into your online event, and for that reason you want the content to stick with the audience for years to come. We get it. For that reason, we don’t just parachute in and then leave it to the viewers to take it from there. To ensure they get the most from the experience, we have created fun and engaging individual exercises that help your team apply the lessons at work and in life until it becomes second nature. These exercises can be printed at home or viewed as a PDF online through a password protected page on this site.


As a gift to each audience member, they will be given access to a password protected page on this website where they can watch a recording of the speakers they saw live during the online event. Each video offers your attendees a fun reminder of the lessons that were taught on the days when they are trying to remember everything they learned.

The Take-Aways!

No audience member will be left behind! With multiple perspectives being presented, every audience member will have a personal “AHA” moment that is relevant to them!

Specifically, your audience will…

Gain a positive perspective
on the work they do, while developing a new sense of commitment to getting results.

Establish a resilient mindset
that allows them to overcome the challenges that happen in any business.

Understand how to communicate
with others in a way that fosters collaboration, increases morale and strengthens teams.

Gain the skills
needed to build powerful relationships with customers, colleagues, clients and all other stake holders in business.

Develop coping mechanisms
to harness stress and be in control of their mental health.

Be inspired to aim further
than ever before with the intention of reaching their true potential.

Contact Us.

At this point there are two options available. The first is to give us a call or drop us an email to hold a date for an upcoming meeting or experience you would like to create for your team. The second option is to set up a complimentary call with our founder Stuart Knight so that he can answer any questions you may have and begin learning how we can customize your experience.

We are passionate about showing your audience how to become more successful in business and happier in life and would love to work with you to make that happen.