Heather Tay

A Powerful Conversation With Heather Tay

November 26, 2014

Many years ago, Heather decided she would have a life of playful adventure and has never looked back. Since then she’s called five countries her home, swam with sharks, danced on a volcano, rode a Ducati named Princess, and has generally said yes a whole lot more than she’s said no. She started out her adult life as an engineer, quickly realized she had a greater fascination with business, trekked to the land of the start-up (San Francisco) where she led an extraordinary sales team providing business intelligence for mobile operators and content providers.

Now having returned to Toronto, Heather’s committed to bringing beauty to our world through the creative design of the spaces we live in. She’s currently running a business accelerator for design-led companies and creative entrepreneurs at OCAD University. She continues as a board member for the SF based dance company ODC/Dance and sits on a committee for Toronto based creative spacemaker Artscape. When she’s not working or volunteering she’s either wandering the wooded paths around Evergreen Brickworks, zipping around town on her Vespa, exploring another country or planning for the next stamp in her passport.

Mark Manson

A Powerful Conversation With Mark Manson

November 10, 2014

Mark Manson is an author, blogger and entrepreneur. He writes about unconventional life advice and offers self-help for people who hate self-help. He believes in finding happiness through struggle, conquering fear through surrender and having more by owning less. Some people say he’s an idiot. Other people say he saved their life. All I know is that he’s been one of my favourite conversations in a very long time!

Phil Levy

A Powerful Conversation with Philip Levy

October 6, 2014

Phil Levy is definitely someone who asks the question, “What should I do with my life?”. Instead of taking the suggested path of most young bright Canadians, Phil chose to carve one that lead him to the experiences he always yearned for. After visiting London, England and falling in love with the culture, the beer and of course the football, Phil convinced his boss to explore the opportunity of opening a British arm to their current Canadian operations. And obviously, Phil was the right man to oversee that expansion. It wasn’t long until Phil had developed a thriving business for his company in the UK, but a trip to Brazil would set his sites on new adventures. After visiting Sao Paulo, Phil was instantly enchanted by the vibe of the city and the way that South Americans interacted with each other. Clearly, it was time to convince his boss of expanding once again. Today, six years later, Phil speaks fluent Portuguese and is running the South American division of the same company he started working at many years ago in Canada. Along the way, he’s learned lessons that go well beyond what it takes to be successful in business and during this powerful conversation, he shares his thoughts on everything from aliens to self actualization.

Jo-Anne Luburd

A Powerful Conversation with Jo-Anne Liburd

September 25, 2014

Jo-Anne Liburd is an entrepreneur, volunteer, traveller, dancer, tree hugger, reader and dormant romantic. She spends most of her days providing communications support to not-for-profit organizations, and adding her skills as a volunteer to various charities in her quest to make the world a better place. Jo-Anne spent 16 months in Sri Lanka volunteering with a local rural development NGO in 2008/09 and is passionate about social justice issues locally and abroad. When not working, she is making delicious but terrifyingly messy feasts in the kitchen, diving for beach volleyballs, and lamenting the state of her hair.

Business Cast

A Powerful Conversation with Robert Gold

July 22, 2014

Stuart Knight was asked to give his biggest and boldest tips on what it takes to be a success in business and in life.

Nathan Otto

A Powerful Conversation with Nathan Otto

May 16, 2014

Nathan Otto is a changemaker, leadership coach, strategist and author. He is the founder of the Safe Conflict Project, a global strategic effort to create a world free from war. He is the co-author of Give Peace a Deadline: What Ordinary People Can Do to Create Peace In Five Years. www.nathanotto.net

David Adams

A Powerful Conversation with Anthony David Adams

April 19, 2014

This week I’m talking to my friend Anthony Adams. Anthony is one of the most interesting guys I’ve had the chance to meet in a long time. He’s an inventor, an entrepreneur and has been named one of the top 25 bloggers in the world by Time Magazine. During this powerful conversation we talk about things such as using music to check in with your feelings, what people are missing with religion and Anthony’s quest to walk in outer space.


A Powerful Conversation with Bryan Franklin

April 13, 2014

Thanks for tuning into the Stuart Knight show. This week I’m talking to my new friend Bryan Franklin. Bryan is one of America’s best leadership coaches and has helped seven companies reach one billion dollars in revenue or valuation. He is a big thinker and has many insights that will change the way you see the world. During this powerful conversation we talk about all kinds of things such as love, leadership and the things children can teach us. How’s that for a powerful conversation?

Jully Black

A Powerful Conversation with Jully Black

April 8, 2014

This week I’m talking to my friend Jully Black. You know who she is….. Jully is multi Juno Award Winning Artist. She’s performed at the Olympics, she’s opened for Kanye West in Singapore and she’s performed along side artists such as Elton John, Etta James, Jay-Z, Sean Paul, and Alicia Keys. During this powerful conversation we talk about things such as religion and what’s real, what it takes to pioneer as a Canadian singer and why some people are single for a reason.

Adam Reid

A Powerful Conversation with Adam Greydon Reid

March 30, 2014

This week I’m talking to my good friend Adam Greydon Reid. Adam Reid has been a working actor and director for almost thirty years, which is pretty impressive considering the fact that he’s in his early 40’s. He’s funny and insightful and brings a lot of interesting points to the conversation this week. During this powerful conversation we talk about things such as what it takes to make it as an actor in Canada, whether misbehaving children should get smacked on the bum and how our society is becoming disconnected with our masculine and feminine.

Doug Barber for iTunes

A Powerful Conversation with Doug Barber

March 23, 2014

This week I had a powerful conversation with Doug Barber. Doug left the world of business and real-estate to become a film and television writer. After a bumpy ride, Doug came out on top with a long list of shows to his credit. In this episode we talk about everything from what it means to speak your truth, to the intimidation of being a writer in Los Angeles, while surrounded by famous people to the evolution of the human race. Take the time to enjoy this powerful conversation.


A Powerful Conversation with Annie Lalla

March 12, 2014

During this powerful conversation I get the chance to learn what true love looks like, how it feels to wake up with a mirror above your bed and how to get out of a bathroom when you are trapped inside. Annie Lalla is based in New York City. She’s one of the world’s best love coaches, a mother who takes her daughter to Burning Man and above and beyond that, she’s a great friend of mine. This is one hour out of your week that will lead you to becoming a better person and will put a smile on your face. Enjoy!

A Powerful Conversation with Ruari Fairbairs

August 21, 2017

Ruari is an entrepreneur, Senior Oil Broker running the number 1 JET desk & co-founder of the OYNB movement. He gave up drinking in the face of incredible peer presure, thinking he would lose his edge as one of the Top brokers in the world. He soon realized it was quite the opposite. Spurred by this life changing experience he and Andy Ramage, another broker, have created the OYNB movement.

Ruari speaks about improving all aspects of your life by changing your relationship with alcohol. After 2 years alcohol-free Ruari now drinks in total control. He is passionate about helping people change their relationship with alcohol using their 30, 90 & 365 day challenges.