I am often amazed at who people are when they think no one is watching. When people can get away with something, they often will and it’s sad to see. You see this when someone walks down the street after buying a pack of cigarettes and then tries to discreetly drop the various wrappings on both the inside and outside of the cigarette pack onto the ground thinking that no one is noticing. It’s these moments when we are actually given the best opportunity to show the world the content of our character and yet people so often choose the easier way, which is almost always self serving. I recently saw this in action when I observed a young woman shovelling snow outside of the garage she shared with the parents of her boyfriend. Instead of shovelling snow out from behind her car and her boyfriend’s mother’s car, she only shovelled the snow outside of her own car. She made sure she was taken care of rather than seizing the opportunity to do something kind for someone else. Especially when this someone else was letting her live in their house rent free. Watch this video and ask yourself what you would have done in this situation. Your answer will tell you a lot about who you are.

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Annie Lalla

That neighbours’ son’s gf needs a lecture from you.
Just get her email or FB and send her your video privately.

Love you Stuart, keep talking truth. xoA

Geoff Mays

As always very insightful and thought provoking. It speaks to a change in the mindset of the different generations. Personally, in my mind, the younger generations are giving less and less to the generations before them and missing what has been put in front of them.