Who is this guy?

Twenty-two years ago Stuart Knight did something courageous, daring and uncommon. He listened to his heart. It told him that too many people were not living up to their potential, and he decided to do something about it.

In scene

Stuart Knight has created three exciting virtual presentations to help your company thrive!

Rock It By Talking It!

An Interactive Team Building Experience

Stuart pulls the biggest lessons from his most popular keynote to create a team building experience that will help your audience share best practices and bond as a team, while inspiring each other to be their best.

The “Happy Hour”

By The Keynotables

Five back to back ten minute keynotes delivered by Canada’s biggest thought leaders. A diverse group of award winning speakers all delivering their number one life lesson in a fast moving action packed hour that your audience will not forget.

The Choice:

Five Decisions All Leaders Make During A Crisis

It’s not about how you are coping, but rather how you are “coviding” during the pandemic. Some companies will “covid” better than others and the organizations who inspire their leaders to make these five decisions will be the ones who come out on top.