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PICTURE your life.

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could just pause and take stock of your life? You say you’ll do it on the weekend, over the holidays or during your next vacation and before you know it, you find yourself looking back at the past decade wondering when the hell gas prices went through the roof?  The word YOU is found within YOUR LIFE, and yet somehow a little bit of YOU has been lost along the way.  Wow, that was either really cheesy or really clever, but either way, you get the point.


The Higher Selfie was created for people who want to take a snapshot of their past, so they can design the future self they want to be.  And since self development programs can often be dry, complicated and even a little boring, we created one that is entertaining, thought provoking and hilarious!  Then again, if you don’t have a sense of humour, you might disagree with that last statement!  Each session provides an opportunity for a little more YOU, so that you can reboot and realign.  See how we brought the YOU back?  Still cheesy?


It’s only $99 and it’s the right investment when you’re ready to shake things up and jump into the higher version of yourself! And if you just want to download the app and get the free bolts of inspiration from Stuart, by all means go for it!

Think of it like this...

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How does it work?


Download the The Higher Selfie App for free, then make your purchase when you are ready.  If you aren’t ready to dive in just yet, download the app to take advantage of our exclusive content that will help you reach your higher self.  For those choosing to take the program, remember that you can do it solo or with a group of friends.  Just make sure they follow the same steps that you are currently prancing through as we speak!


After downloading the app, you can begin enjoying the free life changing content, purchase The Higher Selfie program, or both!  Those purchasing the program will automatically gain access to audio files that contain fun, entertaining and inspiring teachings with corresponding exercises created by Stuart Knight, founder of The More More.  Stuart has over twenty-five years of experience educating others in the area of self development, and to date has spoken to over one million people.  The Higher Selfie program offers six big life lessons to reflect upon, and then take action on.  Think of it as a conversation with a funny friend, who has achieved a high level of success both personally and professionally, and can't wait to share all that he has learned with you!


As mentioned, at the end of each lesson, you will enjoy the benefits of self connection by pondering questions posed by Stuart that will help you reflect and reboot. Those choosing to do The Higher Selfie with friends are encouraged to connect with each other after every lesson to take the learning even further by sharing personal insights with the rest of your group.



After finishing The Higher Selfie program, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can make multiple copies, and hand them out to your friends.  You can also take a picture with your certificate and then brag about it on social media!  And on top of that, Higher Selfie graduates instantly become part of an exclusive community of like minded people from around the world who meet both virtually, and in person, to keep the learning going for life!

Why do this?


The more connected we are with ourselves, the more connected we are with the world.


It’s impossible to change something if we can’t see it.


This program is designed to be funny to help the lessons stick, only if you’re into that kind of thing!


Reaching your higher self is awesome. Helping others do the same is "awesomer".  No, that’s not a word, but it should be.


Why are we here if not to expand our experience of life?                     


Human consciousness is on the rise.  Be part of it.

Downloading The Higher Selfie App is completely free and will automatically give you access to new and inspiring content that is uploaded every month. Those ready to jump can purchase the six part program for the low investment of $99, and can start meeting their higher self today!  Groups taking The Higher Selfie together simply need to get everyone to download the free app, make their individual purchase and get rolling!


Whether you choose to do The Higher Selfie individually, or with a group, the investment is always worth it.  You are investing in yourself after all.  Groups are great for keeping everyone accountable, and offer a fun opportunity to learn from each other, while doing it individually allows you to go at your own pace.  It’s really up to you!  And remember, after purchasing The Higher Selfie program, it’s yours for life, and you get to be part of an exclusive community of incredible people from around the world!

Relaxing at Home





I am ready! How much do I pay?

Check out what people are saying about your instructor!

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Jennifer Roney  


"Stuart Knight has an uncanny ability to expand people’s minds, while getting them to take exciting leaps in life!"

20220118_111459 BW.png

Philip Levy

World Traveler/Entrepreneur

"Self development does need to be about reading book after book, nor travelling to the corners of the earth. Stuart has always found fun and thought provoking techniques that can get you on your path today."

Ritu BW B.png

Ritu Bhasin


"Stuart offers unforgettable insights with an approach that is both hilarious and entertaining, which makes the lessons stick!”

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