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You Should Have Asked
The Art of Powerful Conversation

Stuart wrote his first book entitled, You Should Have Asked - The Art Of Powerful Conversation after his friend Paul told him he should turn the workshop he was doing on the same subject into something people could read anywhere anytime.  Stuart didn’t think there would be that much demand, but after being pressed on it for about a year, he finally wrote it.  It’s now a national best seller.  When you are ready to boycott what you thought about human relationships and start connecting in a way that will dramatically improve your physical and mental health, look no further.

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The Madness of My Mind

After years of writing a weekly hilarious and thought provoking blog of the same title, Stuart decided that he was ready to invest his time in other forms of content creation.  Not wanting to see a stack of important thoughts wither away into the ether, he decided to pull his favourite pieces and compile them into a coffee table book that you can pick up whenever you want to shake up your day and boycott what you thought.

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