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Teams Survive. Tribes Thrive.

For decades, organizations have focused their energy on building strong teams, not realizing their true potential will be reached only when they establish the closeness of a tribe

Every human being living on planet earth today is a direct descendant of an ancient tribe that understood the importance of community, connection and creating bonds that couldn’t be broken.  It’s time to bring this knowledge back into modern society so that we can thrive individually, organizationally and as a world!

Teams talk about the weather.

Tribes talk about what matters.

Tribes aren’t colleagues.  They identify as a family, which is why they are truly resilient, inclusive and successful.  They collaborate, innovate, inspire and surpass targets teams struggle to reach.

Teams survive. Tribes thrive.

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Create deeper bonds in meetings, during performance reviews, between departments, at your yearly conference, during interviews with new candidates, and more! 

Teams who communicate through friendly and polite conversation produce predictable results.  Organizations that establish a space where their people can exchange fascinating ideas, stories and perspectives reach targets beyond imagination.  Getting Tribe Certified is the difference between talking about a culture of connection, belonging and inclusion in your mission statement and actually doing it.



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The Human Connection 

An 8 week video-based online program that certifies individuals to become experts in human connection.



  • 70% of people say deeper relationships with colleagues was the most important factor to a happy work life.

  • Meaningful workplace relationships result in people being 12 times more productive at their jobs.

  • A sense of belonging leads to a 56% increase in job performance, a 50% reduction in turnover risk, a 167% increase in employer net promoter score and a 75% decrease in sick days.

  • In manufacturing, fostering closer relationships at work leads to a whopping 50% reduction in defect rates.

  • Meaningful relationships are the key factor to employee engagement scores, which lead to 21% greater profits when maximized.  

  • Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year.

  • Organizations with more human connection are 5.4 times more likely to be agile, 3.2 times more likely to have satisfied customers, and 2.3 times more likely to have engaged employees.

  • Employees with strong work friendships are seven times more likely to be engaged in their jobs, are better at engaging customers, and produce higher-quality work.

  • Up to 20% of new hires leave within 45 days. When you onboard employees properly by creating a sense of belonging, you can reduce first-year turnover by 50%.

  • McKinsey found 46% of workers cite an unmet desire to work with people who trust and care for each other as a reason to quit. 

  • 60% say spontaneous interactions with coworkers were the number one benefit of being in the office. Almost two-thirds say their coworkers and peers have the biggest impact on helping them feel connected.

  • 50% of managers say they are struggling to foster human connections among increasingly remote workforces.

  • Organizations that create an inclusive space for employees from a diverse background to connect improve group performance by up to 30%

  • 58% of employees would choose meaningful relationships at work over higher paying positions somewhere else.

  • 89% of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work.

  • Meaningful social relationships decrease blood pressure, lower stress, improve mental health, and significantly lower a person’s risk of disease.

Get TRIBECERTIFIED and put this research into action while hitting targets you didn't think were possible.


How it works.

Creating a culture of deeper connections, truer inclusion and greater belonging can happen in three short months. The Tribe Certification Program seamlessly integrates into your daily operations, so that you can keep doing what you have always been doing.  We are there to help you add meaningful connection points along the way.

Phase 1


With over twenty-five years of experience helping people build meaningful relationships, we know the questions to ask that will help us discover the areas where connections can improve within your organization.  A direct link will be sent to your employees taking them to a survey that will offer a comprehensive view of how people feel about the strength of their professional and personal connections.  


Once completed, the results of the survey will be analyzed by our group of experts to identify the exciting opportunities available to help create a culture of connection.  A soft copy of the findings will be sent to your leadership team, followed by a video meeting with communication expert, Stuart Knight to discuss how the results will be implemented into the overall program.

Phase 2


Stuart Knight, the leader of Tribe Certified, is a global guru on communication and will kick off the launch of this program with a live keynote for all employees involved in the program.  Having worked with everyone from CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, Oscar Award Winners, Artists, Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Doctors and Front Line Staff, he understands what it takes to build relationships with people of every background.  From speaking in Australia, India, Europe to all across North America, Stuart has discovered the thread within all humanity that establishes a culture of meaningful connection.  


During this launch of the Tribe Certified Program, Stuart will engage your entire audience in a high energy, thought provoking and hilarious presentation that will act as an exciting wake up call to the role meaningful connections play in their lives.  By addressing both their professional and personal relationships, Stuart will lift the veil and open their eyes to the exciting changes they will experience individually and organizationally when they open up to deeper connections.  Even those averse to change will be motivated to get on board. He’s spoken to over one million people worldwide, so you are in good hands!

Phase 3


At this point in the program we understand what gaps need to be filled based on the results of the survey.  And with the keynote launch, the group is now aware of the critical role tribal relationships play in both their professional and personal success.  What’s next?


As with all exciting new initiatives, people need to know their leaders are fully on board, and are willing to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  The Tribe Certified Program helps you do just that by giving one of your leaders the opportunity to engage in a deeper conversation with Stuart Knight.  It’s their chance to demonstrate their belief in the importance of connecting authentically by sharing their personal story so that other participants are given the confidence to do the same.  These conversations will be pre-recorded before the keynote launch, and then shared within days of that presentation to keep the momentum going. 

Phase 4


Before the benefits are felt as a whole, let’s make sure each individual is equipped with the skills to create the kinds of relationships that build tribes from the ground up. Over the next eight weeks, the Tribe Certified Program will ensure that happens by giving each individual private access to an online course that teaches them step by step how to do it.


Each week, participants will receive a short video lesson (About 15 mins) providing new communication skills that will help them build tribal connections in both their professional and personal lives.  Each video is fun, interactive and entertaining.  At the end of each lesson participants are given easy to implement exercises that let them put their new skills into action throughout their workday without interfering with daily obligations.  


Whether it’s at the beginning of a meeting, on the phone with a client or during the family dinner, these exercises help participants up their game, while working seamlessly into the conversations they are already having.  With each passing week, their friendly connections will become fascinating, and slowly but surely, they will move from being a team into becoming a tribe.



  1. Understand the specific emotions you want a person to feel when communicating with them.

  2. Learn the difference between engaging in friendly conversation with a colleague compared to making them feel that you genuinely care about them as a person.

  3. Discover the kinds of questions that make others feel included, and that they belong.

  4. Learn how to positively impact people’s mental health by establishing relationships that encourage authenticity, vulnerability and trust.

  5. Explore the five factors that move a conversation away from being a predictable exchange to one that is a powerful experience.

  6. Develop the skills to transform short interactions into meaningful dialogue.

  7. Discover how to ask questions that give people a greater opportunity to share the story of their life, and the elements that are most important to them.

  8. Gain a deeper understanding of how to delicately connect with others on subjects that most shy away from, and yet are at the core of our human experience.

  9. Realize the importance of intentionally creating an inspiring inner dialogue on a daily basis to establish greater personal resilience, fortitude and grit.

  10. Learn how to connect with people working remotely from home.


Phase 5


Don't worry, we've got your back both professionally and personally!

At this point in the program participants are aware of the crucial role meaningful connections play in their lives, have been inspired by watching their leaders go first, and are now fully trained with the skills to build tribal relationships. Now it’s time to use the plethora of resources below to integrate meaningful tribal connections into all facets of the workplace and homelife.


# of people to be TRIBECERTIFIED by the end of the year.


When your team gets certified, you can unlock all of these resources!

We know that you understand the importance of helping your employees thrive not just professionally, but personally as well.  Unlike other training modules that focus on helping people grow only at work, the Tribe Certified Program goes one step further by also shaping people’s relationships with friends, family, neighbours and more!  The resources below can be used by participants anytime, anywhere to strengthen bonds with the people they care about the most!  And don’t forget, it’s these connections that lead to greater physical and mental health!

Professional Life Resources:

Greetings and Goodbuys

Believe it or not, most people are really bad at saying hello and goodbye.  For thousands of years, tribes understood the importance of greeting and leaving each other in ways that made others feel honoured and acknowledged.  You can achieve the same feeling in the workplace with a few small changes, and we will teach you how to do it!

Two Men in Office

In Person and Virtual Meetings

A meeting is a moment in time where a group of people gather to discuss ideas and then make decisions that will benefit the larger community.  For centuries this is exactly what tribes did, but with much greater cohesion than modern teams do today.  By incorporating the art of listening, storytelling and creating space for others, we will show your group how to transform in-person and virtual meetings into meaningful connection points tribes celebrated in the past.

Performance     Reviews

Performance reviews should be one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences in an employee's journey.  It’s about reflection, insight and an opportunity for growth.  Human connection, and an employee's ability to build meaningful relationships, should not only be evaluated and taught during a performance review, it should also happen.  This resource unlocks various ways to assess efforts made to connect with others, how to give feedback and approaches to take for that employee to leave feeling seen.

Business People Mingling

Tribe Building Events

Human connection must be consciously curated.  Gathering your group in the boardroom to sing happy birthday to a colleague, or heading out to a bowling night during the holidays helps you build a team.  Organizations who consistently bring people together face to face or virtually throughout the year with the clear intention of building stronger bonds by using a trusted framework build a tribe.  This resource provides your organization with a tested infrastructure that is easy to follow, and will ensure relationships remain tribal throughout the year.

Company Meetings and Conferences

Tribe Certified founder, Stuart Knight, has spoken at thousands of conferences around the world and has always been baffled at the number of organizations who say they want attendees to connect in a meaningful way and then fall short of that mark. 


They encourage people to network at the cocktail reception, they ask attendees to participate in icebreakers, or they take the group golfing.  And by the end of the conference, the delegates of the event feel no stronger of a connection than they did when they walked in.  

Unlocking this resource will ensure this never happens again. 


The first tool you will receive to create tribal connections at your conference is our trademarked “Human Hot Spot” QR code.  Like a wifi hotspot, you can place this QR code throughout your event for attendees to scan to access specific questions that ignite powerful conversations and connections.  As well, you will receive instructions on how to seamlessly incorporate meaningful dialogue into your event, all the way down to a script for your emcee to ensure all attendees are excited to participate.

Business People Applauding

Other resources we provide at work include...

  • Bringing belonging to onboarding

  • Conversation Clubs at Work

  • Storytelling Events

  • Human Trivia

  • Silo Jumping.

  • Passion Projects.

  • Off sight human connection events.

  • And more!

Personal Life Resources:

Family Moments

Family Fun Time

Between making lunches, picking up the kids from school, soccer practice and more, families in modern day society are busier than ever.  Sadly, it’s human connection that gets sacrificed along the way, which research shows is the number one factor to the breakdown of the family unit.  Even families with grown children miss asking the kinds of questions that would allow them to develop deeper bonds at the Thanksgiving dinner table.  


Whether it’s sitting around the campfire at the cottage, during a visit with the grandparents or while driving your kids to their first day of university, participants of the Tribe Certified Program will have lifetime access to the Family Fun Time resource.  It poses questions that have been psychologically proven to bring families closer together than ever before.

Date Night

Let’s face it, intimate partnerships take work to thrive, and any expert will tell you the number one factor for success is communication.  In the beginning, the connection between couples is palpable as they enjoy asking each other life’s most interesting questions.  Unfortunately, years later too many relationships no longer invest in this type of exchange, while opting to focus on more “pragmatic” discussions.  


The emotional, psychological, spiritual and intellectual connection between intimate partners depends upon the effort two people make to have powerful and meaningful conversations.  With questions like, “What do I do to make you feel most loved”, or “Of all our accomplishments as a couple, which one are you most proud of”, the Date Night resource will help your employees build a relationship that stands the test of time.


Get access to all of our online resources.
But first,  get certified!

Big Hug

No Regrets

There is nothing better than a meaningful human connection.  Learning the intricate details of a person's life, listening to their wild adventures and getting their take on important topics is an invaluable experience for everyone involved.


For that reason, Stuart Knight created "No Regrets" experience to facilitate the most important conversations life has to offer now before the eventual day where we no longer can.  By creating Human Hot Spots using QR technology, we give those living in palliative care, hospices or with an aging loved one access to "on the spot" questions that create intimate moments of laughter, reflection, love and connection.  Whether it’s amongst friends at a retirement home, between a nurse and patient in a healthcare facility, or while a father and son share a beer at the end of the dock, this experience gives people the conversation they yearn for, while providing profound mental and physical benefits.


It’s an investment in life.  Now and forever.

Other personal resources we provide include...

  • Connections with kids

  • Community connections

  • Conversation Clubs

  • And more!

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