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He's travelled to thirty-seven countries, had his heart broken at least five times, spoken to over one million people, started multiple companies, partied with celebrities, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities, written two books, one kids show and two musicals, had three near death experiences, all while raising two young children with his introverted partner between the cities of New York and Toronto! 


Let's just say he's learned a few things along the way, and he wants to share those life lessons with you!

No question is too big, but many can be too small.  Questions like "What's your favourite colour?", "Is Elvis still alive?" and "Do you sleep on your back or side?" will not be considered.


Everything else is on the table!


If it's politics, religion, gender equality, monogamy, fashion, fitness, fungi, or more bring it on!  The more interesting your question is, the more interesting your answer will be.


This is your chance to get a new perspective on a topic that matters to you.  Ask as yourself, or ask anonymously, but ask away and soon Stuart will be sharing his answer to your question on one or more of his social media platforms.


And don't forget that your question may end up positively impacting someone else's life.  


So don't be shy.  Ask away!

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