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New York City

The Human Connection Conference

SEPTEMBER 22-24, 2023


A three day intimate gathering of like minded souls seeking to raise their consciousness by sharing wisdom, telling stories and offering lessons learned from the life they have traveled through thus far.


$1295 (plus applicable taxes)

early bird discount: $995 

Join the early bird waitlist.

Gain knowledge.
Dive deeper.
Laugh your ass off.
Be inspired.
Shake things up.
Make new friends.
Connect with the people who will change the course of your life.


At this conference, it's about creatively introducing a big life topic, and then letting the attendees transform into a beautiful life lesson. Go deeper on the topic with the person sitting next to you, then sit back and absorb the knowledge flowing out of the dynamic group discussion that follows. Expand your understanding of others, change your perspective on what matters, and ultimately raise your consciousness.


...Imagine listening to a 9/11 firefighter talk about responding to a horrible moment in history and then reflect on the topics of fear, loss and community.


...Watch as a Broadway performer gets real about continuous rejection, and then explore all that you have the power to overcome.


...Embrace the lessons of a prolific writer and get curious about the story you present to the world.

One conversation could change the course of your life.

What to



Unlike traditional conferences that talk to you, the Human Connection Conference talks with you.  Keynotes and panel discussions are great, but true knowledge is gained when people engage in meaningful conversations with each other.  While profound insights will be shared from the stage, your personal transformation will unfold one intimate, yet powerful conversation at a time.

Who gets us


The Human Connection Conference is led by world renowned speaker, critically acclaimed author and award winning entrepreneur Stuart Knight.  With almost thirty years of experience facilitating dialogue amongst people from all around the world, he is a master at igniting conversations that unleash the collective wisdom in the room.

Business Conference

Table Talks

Let’s face it, people attending The Human Connection Conference are those who want to raise their consciousness.  With that approach to life comes fresh perspectives, lessons learned and value to offer.  By engaging in meaningful conversation with those very people, you will be given the chance to expand in new and unexpected ways.

Hot Seat

At multiple times throughout the conference, Stuart invites an audience member to join him on stage to engage in a deeper conversation on a topic of their choice.  During these colourful, and often emotional exchanges, Stuart will draw out important messages by facilitating comments from the crowd, while interjecting with valuable lessons from his own life.  Things fire up with the hot seat!

Networking Event

Stories that heal

For thousands of years, growth, learning and a chance to heal happened because the right story was told.  Some were funny, while others were heartwrenching, but by the end the listener was left with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world they live in.  


The Human Connection Conference will harness the power of storytelling by tapping into the life events that shaped the people in that room.  It may be a story of love, perseverance, forgiveness, failure or a near death experience for all we know.  In all cases, these stories will give you a chance to be inspired, let go and to know you’re not alone.

"Free for all" connections

It would be a shame to bring amazing people like yourself together for three days and not create moments that can surprise and delight.  Whether it’s over breakfast, during a break or while celebrating our accomplishments for the day, you will consistently be given the opportunity to have a meaningful connection that could change the course of your life.  It could be a question of what happens when we die, or how to create greater happiness, just know that at this conference, we won’t be talking about the weather!

Business People Applauding
Networking Group

Why do this?

  • Human connections are the gateway to new experiences, opportunities and adventures.  

  • Widen your perspective on life by listening and learning from those who live outside of your daily orbit.

  • Be inspired to make conscious decisions that reflect your true self.

  • Make more meaningful human connections in three days than you have in the past three years!

  • More friends equals more everything!

  • Treat yourself to a break from the norm, get energized and reinvent your future!

  • Human connections are the foundation to a life well lived.  The deeper your human connections, the deeper your experience of life will be.

What is the investment 
and what do I get?

  • $1295 (plus local taxes.  Hotel and travel not included)

  • Includes lunch on all three days.

  • Three days of expanding into a higher state of consciousness.

  • Access to social events for attendees at iconic locations within New York City (Appetizers and beverages to be included).

  • Ongoing coaching sessions from Stuart Knight throughout the conference.

  • New life-long friendships

Stuart Knight

Meet your facilitator


Stuart Knight has written, produced and starred in shows that have been seen by over one million people and each year speaks around the world helping some of the planet’s biggest companies reach new levels of success.  As an international traveler, Stuart Knight writes a sought after blog, hosts a hit podcast and shares videos that are seen by over twelve thousand people every week.  He is the critically acclaimed author of two books, and today Stuart Knight encourages people to boycott what they thought and join a new revolution in thinking.  

  • Where in New York City is this taking place?
    The venue will be located within central Manhattan, and will be chosen based on the amount of space required by the cut off date for registration. We have tentative holds on multiple locations, and will be choosing our final venue based on numbers after registration closes.
  • Can I get there by transit?
    The venue will be easily accessible by transit.
  • Can I explore New York City during the conference?
    Heck ya! The organizers of this event live in NYC and will be offering attendees a list of cool things to do from the cheesy touristy stuff to the gems that only New Yorkers know about!
  • How many people will be attending?
    This is an intimate event and therefore space is limited. We will allow up to 100 people.
  • Is there accommodations close by?
    It's NYC! There will be accommodation within a stones throw of all directions of the venue. All attendees will be given a list of affordable options close by.
  • Can I share accommodations with other attendees to save money?
    Yes you can. When registering for this event, you will be asked about your interest in sharing accommodation with others. We will be making introductions between those who want to save a little cash.
  • What are some sample topics for discussions?
    Like all powerful conversations, Stuart will follow the road wherever it goes. However, we care about the topics that help you go deeper and gain greater clarity on the most important aspects of life. Whether that be family, friendship, intimate relationships, adventure, career, health and wellness, etc. you will gain insight on topics that are most important to you at that time in your life.
  • Will there be WIFI available on site?
    You will have access to wifi throughout the event.
  • Do I have to have a COVID vaccine?
    In conjunction with state laws, you are not required to be vaccinated against Covid to attend this event.
  • Do I have to be vaccinated to enter the United States from other countries?
    Depending on where you are coming from we encourage you to check the rules of entry closer to the time of travel.
  • What is the food like?
    We are proud to be serving high quality healthy dishes for lunch and when appetizers are offered at extra curricular events. Vegetarian options will also be provided.
  • Do I get personal time?
    Yes, you absolutely get personal time. Activities taking place outside of the conference are optional.

$1295 (plus applicable taxes)

early bird discount: $995 

Join the early bird waitlist.

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