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Calling all leaders ready to

Rock It By Talking It!

Podcast and Youtube show

A meaningful conversation with Stuart Knight


Open up.
Share your story.

Inspire your team.
Be vulnerable.
Shake things up.
Who are you really?
You are more than
just a leader.

Businessman Thinking

Who is this for?

Do you think it’s important to build meaningful human relationships with your team?

Should an organization encourage its employees to create bonds with those outside of their own silo?

Does creating a culture of authenticity, inclusivity and connection matter?

If your answer is yes, why not Rock It by Talking It by having a meaningful conversation with communication guru Stuart Knight, and show your team how it’s done!

It's a complimentary
experience reserved for a
small number of hand selected leaders who meet the following

You hold a position of VP or higher within an organization of
100 or more employees.

You have at least ten years of experience managing people.

You have a desire to inspire others by showing people that
having a meaningful conversation isn’t as scary as they think.

Did you know?

Employees become 12 times more productive at their jobs.

Here's what happens when you make human connection a priority:

So why not kickstart a new initiative by having a light hearted conversation with a guy who literally wrote the textbook on this subject?

How does it work?

  • Carve out one hour in your schedule to jump on a video call with Stuart.

  • Read over the questions he sends you in advance, and let us know if there are any you want to skip.

  • Sit back and enjoy as Stuart helps you reveal the awesome story called your life. 

  • Like all great conversations it could go anywhere.  One moment you could be talking about what excites you at work, and the next you may be talking about what excites you about baking apple pies!

  • It’s all about bringing a dose of humanity to the workplace.  And don’t worry, Stuart has spoken to over one million people, so you’re in good hands!

Why would you do this?

  • The people you manage want to know who it is they are following.  This conversation not only helps you accomplish that, but also makes them feel less alone knowing their leader has overcome the same trials and tribulations they have.


  • You get to help young emerging leaders see the importance of being authentic, and that building meaningful human relationships matters.


  • You will inspire other business leaders by sharing the lessons you’ve learned, the goals you have reached and the insights you have gained.


  • You will touch the hearts of friends, family and more as people in your personal network get to hear your story when they view this powerful conversation online. 

Who gets to see it?

  • Industry leaders who receive Stuart’s weekly newsletter, which is distributed to over ten thousand people globally.

  • Over 5,000 followers on Stuart’s professional Linkedin profile.

  • The listeners and viewers of Stuart’s hit podcast and Youtube show.  You'll be joining the ranks of distinguished entrepreneurs, artists, award winners and other business leaders.

  • And best of all, you get to share it with the people within your organization so they can see what true leadership and authenticity is in action!

What happens after?

  • How you inspire others with this conversation is up to you.  

  • Some use it as a healthy reminder to their team that this stuff matters, so they are motived to do the same.

  • Others use it as a way of kicking off a new initiative within their organization by encouraging their people to formally introduce programs that facilitate better connections.

  • For organizations that want to make meaningful human interactions amongst their employees an ongoing thing, we have the FREE resources you need to get there.

Why is this free? What's the catch?

Stuart Knight feels a genuine calling to help solve what he sees as a global human connection crisis, and understands the vital role organizations must play in achieving that goal.

He made the resources free for people looking to build meaningful relationships either professionally or personally with the intention of eliminating any obstacles.

He wants these conversations to inspire other leaders to take action and begin their own campaign of human connection in the workplace.

We are fully transparent in letting people know that we also have paid programs for organizations who want to make a more committed effort in building these relationships.  If you want to partner with us, we couldn’t be more thrilled, but we consider that icing on the cake.


Invest in
a culture of

human connection.

Register Now.

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Meet your host


Stuart Knight

Stuart Knight has written, produced and starred in shows that have been seen by over one million people and each year speaks around the world helping some of the planet’s biggest companies reach new levels of success.  As an international traveler, Stuart Knight writes a sought after blog, hosts a hit podcast and shares videos that are seen by over twelve thousand people every week.  He is the critically acclaimed author of two books, and today Stuart Knight encourages people to boycott what they thought and join a new revolution in thinking.  

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